QuickBooks Terms of Engagement

CA Plus QuickBooks Terms of Engagement

Clients using other services from CA Plus are able to benefit from a reduced price for subscriptions to QuickBooks online software. CA Plus are merely acting as a conduit between Intuit and you to allow you to benefit from the cheaper licence fee.

By accepting QuickBooks Online software via CA Plus you are accepting Intuit’s terms and conditions available here.

1. Data

CA Plus are intermediaries purely to enable you to benefit from the lower price we obtain.  CA Plus accepts no responsibility of your data or backups.  This is managed by Intuit. Details can be found by following the link above.

By accepting this service, you agree to us having access to your file as master administrator.  We guarantee that we will not amend or share any of your accounting information without permission.  Please refer to our data protection policy for further information.

2. Fees

To reduce our admin costs, we will invoice you every April for the QuickBooks licence for the following year.  We have 2 rates, one for our accounts or payroll clients and one for others, both significantly below the market price. The price is subject to increase by intuit from time to time.

CA Plus will give at least 28 days’ notice of any changes. Notice of changes to prices and/or services will be given by e-mail to the e-mail address provided to CA Plus.

You will be invoiced automatically for the next year unless you advise us of cancellation.

3. Cancellations

You are entitled to cancel the service by contacting CA Plus in writing by email at support@caplus.org.uk.  Upon request, we will refund pro rata for the remaining period of your current contract term.

When you cancel your QuickBooks Online licence with CA Plus we will remove you from our billing.   If you wish to maintain access to your file you will need to set up a direct subscription or transfer to another accountant.  You will also need to amend user access to your file to remove any CA Plus staff as Users.

4. Non Payment

Any non-payment of a recurring invoice may be subject to your licence being cancelled. You are responsible for all money owed from the time it was established until CA Plus accepts your cancellation request. If you fail to pay all prices due, CA Plus reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or cancel the services to you.

5. Support

Any support or training we provide on QuickBooks Online will be charged for under the CA Plus TimeBank Scheme. This will include time taken for setting up the file, staff training on site and over the phone and any other activities relating to QuickBooks online. Our TimeBank terms and conditions can be found here.