Examples of our work

A while ago we conducted a major survey of our clients with quite amazing results. Click here to see the report.

We deliver a wide range of services in different ways. Just this morning, we've been asked by a major funder to deliver a seminar to organisations who have failed with their applications in a recent funding round, and we've met with a Trustee to discuss some tricky governance issues. We're also delivering a course at a local College, continuing with payroll and accounts work, giving advice on employement matters and writing this website!

Below are a few examples of more typical work at CA Plus. Or if you'd like to see what some of our clients think of us, you could read these testimonies which they have kindly provided.

Bassetlaw CVS have used our services for many years. Some time ago we helped them to set up a computerised system for their accounts. This enables them to keep their records in good order - keeping track of various funds they operate. We have provided training to staff and volunteers and we also prepare and examine their annual accounts.

A charity in Scotland has recently come across our full cost recovery budget tools on this site and used them to cost a proposed project for a major funding appeal. To quote their fundraiser: "Great resource you have created John, really user friendly much more so than the other FCR models in my view".

A small charity in Stowe found our website and our free accounts templates for small groups. They emailed to say "Good Afternoon John, Many thanks for your response and clarification. I found the site very useful I'd been quite confused about the whole process and requirements whilst looking at other websites, but yours was much clearer and I'd come to the same conclusion that you have mentioned below regarding independent scrutiny of accounts. A local Accountant used to prepare the accounts for free, so I at least have an example of how it's been done in the past by them, and the template on your site will be very useful. I can now go back to our members with a clear way forward.
Thanks again,Sally"

Silverdale Community Association, Nottingham is one of many such organisations we assist. We provide a regular bookkeeping service for them, we operate their payroll and prepare & examine the annual accounts.

We're working with One East Midlands on a range of issues around accounts and HR, reviewing policies and helping them deal with significant changes in their organisation.