Bookkeeping Terms of Engagement

CA Plus: Bookkeeping Terms of Engagement

These are to be read in conjunction with our general Terms and Conditions.

On commencement of the service we will agree the practical arrangements including:

  • Frequency, dates and times of each session;
  • Location;
  • Equipment and software to be used;
  • The schedule and content of financial reports.

1. Service provided

This is a Bookkeeping Service designed to assist you to manage your organisation well and comply with your legal responsibilities. 

This service typically covers the following basic elements:

  • Entering all receipts, payments and transfers, and allocation journals;
  • Reconciling all accounts to the bank statements.  Note that to reconcile your petty cash one of your representatives must be present at the time of the visit to conduct and confirm the petty cash count;
  • Where appropriate, entering, printing and emailing invoices and recording payments received, credit notes etc.
  • Filing all relevant documents;
  • Producing the basic set of reports, as agreed with the bookkeeper. These may include a standard finance report with funds analysis, a statement of balances held. They would not normally include any comments, unless we happen to see something that raises a question or concern;
  • Backing up the accounts file to an agreed location.
  • You may at times require additional support or activity from CA Plus that is not covered within the bookkeeping agreement; in these circumstances you will be able to join our TimeBank scheme.  More information about the scheme and charges can be found on our website  Please ask if you require further information.

2. Information required

You will provide all the information required for the service, filed appropriately, as agreed with our bookkeeper. This includes, for example, bank statements, all documentation relating to income and expenditure, including information required for correct allocation.


You will still remain responsible for the financial management of your organisation. This includes, for example:  ensuring the accuracy of the accounting information, maintaining adequate cash balances, and meeting your liabilities such as paying HMRC and salaries on time.

While our staff may notice and raise issues of concern – for example non receipt of a grant that should have been received – you should not rely on this as it remains your own responsibility.

4. Cancellation of appointments

If you need to cancel the appointment, please let us know at the earliest opportunity:

Persistent short-notice cancellation may lead CA Plus to charge for the appointment.

If CA Plus staff are unable to deliver the service, due to illness for example, where possible our staff will try and rearrange the appointment or another member of the team will attend.

5. Termination

CA Plus require one calendar months’ notice to terminate the Bookkeeping service. This should be provided in writing to