Payroll Terms of Engagement

CA Plus: Payroll Terms of Engagement

These are to be read in conjunction with our general Terms and Conditions.

1. Service Provided

CA Plus will operate the payroll five days before the pay date and provide you, by email, with payslips for each employee and details of payments due to HM Revenue and Customs.  The actual payments will be made by Group.  CA Plus will not handle any cash belonging to Group.

CA Plus will make RTI submissions for employees in accordance with HMRC regulations. You will bear responsibility for ensuring that the information we submit to HMRC is complete and correct.

2. Information Required

We will provide you with a list of all necessary information and forms to be completed and returned to CA Plus to set up the system.  This will be on standard forms provided by CA Plus.  The Return Form will be sent in to CA Plus at least ten days before the pay date of any month only if there are any alterations. 

All forms must be signed by the Authorised Signatories.  CA Plus will not act on information provided verbally or by unauthorised signatories.

Any information, request for changes or enquiry should be sent direct to the payroll service in writing at  The payroll service cannot accept any liability for any information that is not sent in directly to them at the above email address.

3. Responsibility

This Agreement does not affect the legal responsibility to operate PAYE which remains with you.   It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of pay details before making payments to your employees, HMRC and pension providers. CA Plus will not be liable for loss or delay caused directly or indirectly by industrial action or any circumstances beyond its control or for penalties incurred by you for failure to comply with RTI legislation and Auto Enrolment legislation.

4. Auto Enrolment

CA Plus is able to provide advice regarding Auto Enrolment to you in your capacity as an employer but not to individuals as CA Plus is not licensed to provide investment advice. CA Plus can provide letters for employees, assess the employees’ eligibility on a monthly basis, submit contribution information to the pension provider electronically and send contribution information to the client depending on the level of service chosen.

You will be responsible for complying with Auto Enrolment legislation. You are responsible for notifying CA Plus of your AE duties date and re enrolment date, setting up a qualifying pension scheme for your employees, making the payment to your pension provider and completing the Declaration of Compliance.

5. Standing Order payment of fees

For those clients who pay by standing order, a Standing Order form will be provided by CA Plus to you for you to submit to your bank or to set up online.  The Standing Order amount will be reviewed on a regular basis.  The amount is set to cover the monthly cost of the service.  At each quarter end we will send you an invoice for your information.  This will also show if any arrears have built up, for example from a change in your staffing levels.  We may request a one off payment to cover these arrears and/ or request an amendment to your standing order amount.

6. Termination

CA Plus require 3 months’ notice to terminate the payroll service. This should be provided in writing to