John O'Brien

John O'Brien
Chief Executive

I've been working with CA Plus for a long time, since 1991 in fact and believe it or not, I still like what I do. I really believe that our work with the finance and HR side of life can help organisations to work more effectively in achieving their own objectives.

As well as managing CA Plus itself, I tend to focus more on accounts, training and consultancy work. I also administer this website along with Andrew.

Prior to working in this field, I lived and worked within a L'Arche community for people with learning difficulties for 10 years, eventually taking on responsibility for the financial administration of this charity. I was among the first voluntary sector workers to gain the MSc in Voluntary Sector Organisation at the LSE and after joining CA Plus, I gained the professional accounting qualification with ACCA. I've since become a fellow member of the Association of Charity Independent Examiners (ACIE), and in February 2009 passed the Diploma in Charity Accounting (DChA) with the ICAEW.

For my sins, I also chair the national network for community accountants, and administer the national website.

Favourite hobbies: golf, footy, talking to my chickens, they seem to understand - and best of all, playing guitar with The Old Codgers.