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CA Plus - Webinar Training Programme

CA Plus is offering a free programme of short online webinar training. Are you a trustee, volunteer or employee of a Charity, Community or Voluntary Organisation? These sessions will give you a good taster on a range of useful financial management topics. 

All you need is an internet connection and a computer, the training can be listened to through headphones or you can dial in on your phone.  It’s very easy and we can talk you through it in advance if you have not taken part in a webinar before.


Links to the past webinar recordings can be found below:

Bitesize 2 - Reporting for your Committee - Click here 


Bitesize 1 - Fund Accounting -  Click here


QuickBooks Online – an Overview - Click here 


Trustee responsibilities - click here


Financial reports for your committee - click here


Part one – Understanding Accounts (for small charities and similar organisations)- Click here 


Part two – More complex accounts (for companies and larger charities) - Click here 


QuickBooks Cloud Question & Answer Session - Click here 


QuickBooks – Reporting in QuickBooks Online (John O’Brien, CA Plus) - Click here 


VAT / Charities (Cathy Whyld & John O’Brien, CA Plus) - Click here


Financial Controls & Fraud (John O’Brien, CA Plus) - Click here


GDPR & Charities – the operational effect (Tim Larden, Ladbrook) - Click here


QuickBooks Online – Invoicing - Click here


Financial Reporting within your Organisation – Click here


Budgeting, Cashflows & Planning – Click here


QuickBooks Online - an overview – Click here


Understanding Financial Accounts for Charities – Click here


Risk Management & Insurance - Click here