The Payroll Bureau Service

Making a mistake with the petty cash is not good, but errors on payroll can be much worse and could result in a fine/penalty from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC - "the taxman") or even an Employment Tribunal lodged by employees for such things as "illegal deduction of wages" caused by late payment of wages or incorrect deductions.

CA Plus has a team of payroll experts with over 40 years combined experience (and CIPP Membership) who currently provide a payroll service for over 200 groups and process over 1200 monthly pay-slips. Our Payroll Bureau Service can provide a very cost effective, accurate and efficient solution for all groups who do not have, or want to have their own staff to provide this for themselves, or do not have the expertise to manage their own payroll activity accurately and efficiently.

Please Contact Us to discuss your own group's situation so we can quote the most economical costs for payroll services to meet your needs.