QuickBooks Online

Have you thought about moving to an online accounting solution?

Click here to see a short video explaing how QuickBooks Online could help you

Some of the advantages of QuickBooks Online are as follows:

  • Secure sharing of your accounting records - ideal for multi-site working;
  • Anytime, anywhere access providing you have access to the internet;
  • No need to back-up your accounting records as the data is stored in 'the cloud';
  • No worries about using an out-dated version - you will always be working on the most recent version of QuickBooks

Some of the features offered by QuickBooks Online Plus are:

  • Tracking of all income and expenditure;
  • Customer invoicing;
  • Online banking – automatically import transactions from your bank;
  • Create budgets and compare to actual performance;
  • Class tracking for grants and/or projects; and
  • Easy to run reports

If you would like to arrange a free consultation to find out more information or discuss moving to QuickBooks Online then please get in contact with us today by completing the Online Form or by telephoning 0115 9470839.