Structure and Finance

C A Plus is a membership based organisation. Full membership is open to any voluntary organisation, with Associate membership an option for individuals wishing to support the aims.

Here is a link if you want to see our latest Annual Report and Accounts.

Annual Report and Accounts (PDF)

The members elect the Directors of the Company who also take the role and responsibility of trustees of the Charity. In essence, the role of the Committee is to ensure that C A Plus remains faithful to the objects of the charity. Matters of principle and policy are dealt with by the Committee, whereas the day to day management of the organisation is delegated to the Chief Executive.

Community Accounting Plus is a registered charity No 1080565 and Company Limited by Guarantee No 3956691 registered in England and Wales

C A Plus Trading Limited

The aim of this company is to enable us to develop and expand our services with groups beyond our currently 'charitable' objects, and to generate increased income for the charity. The trading company will covenant all profits to the parent charity.

The trading company has three directors, one of whom is not a Trustee of the Charity.

How is it all financed ?

Our funding is fairly complex and the costs of services depend on a number of factors.

Grant Aid accounts for almost 25% of our income. The main funder is Nottingham City Council with funding arranged under a 3-year Service Level Agreement. Nottinghamshire County Council also fund CA Plus under a 3-year agreement to support work in the County.

Income from fees has become more important in recent years, helping to finance our expansion.