Webinar Training Programme

CA Plus - Webinar Training Programme


CA Plus is offering a free programme of short online webinar training. Are you a trustee, volunteer or employee of a Charity, Community or Voluntary Organisation? These sessions will give you a good taster on a range of useful financial management topics. 

All you need is an internet connection and a computer, the training can be listened to through headphones or you can dial in on your phone.  It’s very easy and we can talk you through it in advance if you have not taken part in a webinar before. If you have any questions please contact Anna ahorsley@caplus.org.uk 


Bitesize 1 - Fund Accounting: Wed 8th May, 10am - 10.30am


This is really important for charities, but can apply to any organisations that receives grants or donations for specific purposes. 
Or you may just want to keep track of financial activity for your own purposes 
So how do you allocate costs to funds? 
What can you do about overheads (general shared costs) 
How do you know how much you have left in each fund? 


Bitesize 2 - Reporting for your Committee: Wed 22nd May 10am - 10.30am


What financial information should your trustees or committee members receive? 
How often should you report, who should do the reporting and to what level of detail? 
What on earth is a budget variance report and how do you create it? 
How do you ensure they have the information they need to make good decisions?