CA Plus works with any organisation or group that is, or could be registered as a charity or CIC.  We work with groups with an income from a few hundred pounds right up to £1 million and beyond.  Our fees are designed simply to cover our costs, since we are a charity ourselves.

Why use CA Plus?  We have been working hard supporting organisations throughout the sector for over 25 years, we really do believe that we understand what needs and support organisations require and believe us when we say that there is not much that we have not seen or that can shock us!

We support organisations with all aspects of financial management. In addition to the training, advice and guidance we can give, we also offer direct services:

Accounts                                                Bookkeeping                                                     Payroll Services
Training & support  - The Time Bank Scheme                               QuickBooks Online               
Consultancy Services


Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help.